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2010-05-08 01:24 pm

New communities!!!

Three new communities dedicated to NCIS stuff....

[community profile] tonykate [community profile] tonykate [community profile] tonykate

for TONY/KATE aka TATE!!!

[community profile] katetodd [community profile] katetodd [community profile] katetodd

for Caitlin Todd aka Kate Todd!!!!

[community profile] nciscrossovers [community profile] nciscrossovers [community profile] nciscrossovers

for NCIS crossovers!!!

Yeah I've been on an NCIS-ish kick
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2009-08-08 02:07 pm
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Is anyone else not able to get on LJ at the moment? I can't get on it for like a day and probably a half. I know other people can get on because I'm getting notices of updates and replies, but the website isn't working for me...

sorry for complaining but I'm having withdrawal, lmao.
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2009-07-15 09:47 am
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Paid Account

Thanks to [personal profile] paidaccountfairy, I have two months of paid account, which is beyond awesome!!! ♥

Thank you sooo much! I really really appreciate it especially after the morning I had... seriously thank you!
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2009-07-07 06:23 pm

Harpiewriting: Status #3, Communities, & Layout

These past 2 days, I got only 35 fics transferred to [community profile] harpiewriting, which brings it to 209/446 completed... but at least I got it over the 200 mark. :) I hope to get at least to 250 by this friday at the latest.

New Communities
[community profile] chloe_otp [community profile] chloe_otp
Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) pairings

[community profile] uc_xmen [community profile] uc_xmen
X-Men Unconventional Pairings (comics/cartoons/films)

The new layout features my OTP from the show GREEK - Cappie & Casey ♥ ... which is an AWESOME SHOW, and you should not be afraid of it because it's on ABC Family - you wouldn't believe a lot of the stuff that they do on it that its on that channel - seriously.
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2009-06-30 09:10 pm

Harpiewriting: Status #2 & New communities

I only got 27 fics transferred to [community profile] harpiewriting, which brings it to 171/445 completed.

Also I've had these done for a while, but I just thought to post these here right now... lol.

[community profile] xmen_heroes [community profile] xmen_heroes [community profile] xmen_heroes
X-Men/Heroes Crossover Community

[community profile] scottandemma [community profile] scottandemma [community profile] scottandemma
Scott 'Cyclops' Summers/Emma 'White Queen' Frost Shipper Community

[community profile] scottandrogue [community profile] scottandrogue [community profile] scottandrogue
Scott 'Cyclops' Summers/Rogue Shipper Community
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2009-06-28 12:39 am

Harpiewriting: Status

I now have 144/445 fics @ [community profile] harpiewriting. I have completely finished uploading my 2002-2007 fanfics... now I have to work on 2008 & 2009... which is gonna be A LOT of time consuming since thats over 300 fics.

Plus I added an extra feature located in the profile area there for a "Featured Fic" (one of my fics).

"Dreams of a Phoenix" is up this month... it'll be for fanfics with title banners, so hopefully that gets my lazy ass to create more.
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2009-06-26 11:34 pm

First post :O

Got around to posting some of my fanfics to [community profile] harpiewriting. Only 80/445 finished, which isn't much, but I hope to get the community completely up to date by the end of this weekend.

I gotta find some communities to join here... and get a little more active, lol. :)